Did Lady Gaga Get a Nose Job?

Some sources around the internet are claiming that lady gaga has indeed had a nose job, but we beg to differ. We found a few before and after pictures that truly don’t prove a thing. We even dug around to find lady gaga in early 2008/2009, and pictures from earlier this year (2010). Some clearly make her nose look smaller, but we believe this is camera angles and makeup. Our conclusion: lady gaga did not have a nose job – and good for her because she beautiful as she is. But you be the judge, what do you think?

  • Amy

    Yep, she did!!

  • Megan Heart

    I hope she did my nose is ugly and i want a nose job and if she got one it will make me feel better about it.

  • Chelle

    Nope, makeup, camera angles and for magazine and album covers, Photoshop. She SHOULD get a nose job though.. yikes!

  • Mike Hunt

    She should get her nose chopped off, she is uglier than sin

    • Clair

      Gaga teaches people to love people for who they are.. What have you done with your life? People have their own opinions, I know, but I do not like when someone just trolls. It’s stupid

  • Alex

    If the middle one in the bottom row is a comparison between two real pictures then i don’t see how it’s possible to argue that she didn’t get one….

  • Rc

    nose job and chin implant in my opinion…she has suddenly acquired a classic facial balance.

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  • karcer

    No. Look at recent Grammy pics of her– I doubt it. That photo in the bottom row above is obviously photoshopped.

  • Clair

    There’s this thing, and It’s called aging. Most people post things like this because they don’t like that Gaga has fashion, talent, a REAL voice, creativity, etc. She even said that she thought plastic surgery was a horrid thing. Sorry, the information is invalid.

  • Rob

    NO, she had no nose job! That one picture by Mick Rock is PHOTOSHOPPED – some stupid haters made her nose look bigger as it is. Compare with the real pictures on Gagapedia! It’s fake. She had no surgery.