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Health Risks & Benefits

  • A nose job can enhance a person’s self-confidence; improving quality of life in many aspects.
  • Correct width at the bridge. Current large, upturned, or a drooping nasal tip.
  • Risks and complications that may arise include wound infection, hematoma, nose bleeds, breathing troubles...

Must Know Information

  • If you have medical conditions such as bleeding illness, internal illness, etc, it may complicate a surgery.
  • Photographs of your face and nose from different angles will be taken for pre-and post-surgical analysis.
  • Post-surgical problems may arise that include nasal asymmetry, hematoma...

Nose Job Cost

  • USA & Canada: $3,000 ~ $8,000
  • UK: £3,000 - £6,000
  • Europe: $2,000 ~ $4,500
  • India: $1,000 ~ $2,000
  • Philippines: $800 ~ $2,100...
  • Cost of rhinoplasty varies based on several factors: location, quality & experience of the surgeon, procedure, etc. Click to find out more about location costs & procedure breakdowns.

Celebrity Nose Jobs & Updates

2014 Celebrity Nose Jobs

dianna agron nose job-1

In this post you’ll you find some questionable nose jobs such as Patrick Dempsey, but we’ll let you bet he judge of that. In this post: Dianna Agron, Heidi Montag, Kelly Rowland, Lady Gaga, Nene Lakes, Patrick Dempsey, and Scarlett Johnasson.               Related posts: Female Celebrity Nose Jobs Pt.2 Did […]


Brand New Virtual Nose Job Tool Released!

Free Nose Job Tool

We’ve recently rebuilt nosejobs.info to be the best informative online guide for all things related to rhinoplasty. With that, we’re very pleased to announce the brand new Virtual Nose Job Tool! With this powerful tool you can easily manipulate your photo by dragging the circle to your nose and adjusting the circle size and pinch strength. […]


Khloe Kardashian Nose Job

Did khloe kardashian get a nose job?

Shortly after a post about Kim Kardashian, her sister will follow. These pics only show weight loss and a possibility of a nose job. Let us know what you think! Related posts: New! Kim Kardashian Nose Job & Plastic Surgery (or is it?) Male Celebrity Nose Jobs Pt. 2 Celebrity Nose Jobs 2009 PT. 2 […]


New! Kim Kardashian Nose Job & Plastic Surgery (or is it?)

Did Kim get a Nose Job?

After more than a year of silence, we are back with some fresh celebrity faces. These are not confirmed nose jobs or plastic surgery, but speculators in the industry tell us some of these photos are credible. We recommend you make your own decisions, and post comments if you have qualms! Here is some sets […]


2 New Celebrity Nose Jobs

Did Winona Ryder get a Nose Job?

Somehow we missed sarah jessica parker’s nose job as well as winona ryder – so here they are! Enjoi Related posts: Celebrity Nose Jobs 2009 PT. 4 Top 6 Worst Celebrity Nose Jobs. Ever. Female Celebrity Nose Jobs Pt.1 Female Celebrity Nose Jobs Pt.2

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